The Ultimate RIOBOT Set, Part 1: RIOBOT R-1

It’s been a while since Sen-Ti-Nel revealed that they’re doing a RIOBOT SRX set though I didn’t make any coverage as I wasn’t really that interested. But now that official solicitations are up, oh man, these look really good. It’s also nice of them to break the set up into its three main components just in case you didn’t want to get the whole deal, buy why wouldn’t you? Any who, let’s dissect the SRX and focus on the first machine of this combiner, RIOBOT R-1.

As previously mentioned, the core of the SRX combiner is R-1 or the Real Personal Trooper Type-1, which is like the general purpose machine among the three. Made from a mix of die cast and ABS plastic, the figure has very sharp details complemented by the accurate paint applications. And while I’m not the most familiar with Super Robot Wars OG fiction, I won’t have difficulties appreciating this guy thanks to it’s very Gundam-esque design. It’s not a dead ringer like the Huckebein but the tri-color scheme is enough of a visual homage for me.

The Gundam comparisons don’t stop there as the R-1 also has a waverider-esque flight mode transformation called the R-Wing. Oh and did I forget to mention that it can also combine with two other machines to form the SRX? But more on that later.

As it is more of a general purpose machine, I can do both close and ranged combat. For the former, it comes with a pair of cold metal knives that can be stored on the robot itself. And while I don’t think there are any LED gimmicks on this figure, both the optical units, and a pair of fists appear to be coated in paint that reacts with black light for that glowing effect when it activates its T-Link Knuckle attack. Oh and this means the figure is quite poseable and isn’t hindered by its multiple transformation features.

Going back to its other transformation, the R-1 forms the core of the SRX so the transformation itself isn’t too crazy. It basically folds itself into a more compact form. It also doesn’t require any parts replacement as far as these solicitation images go though it also comes with the main helmet unit of the SRX, which is basically placed on top of the R-1 head unit.

RIOBOT R-1 stands at 150 mm tall to the top of the rear binders. And being the tallest of the three SRX units, I’d say that this figure should fit nicely along other 1/144 scale Gundam models. Oh and as mentioned earlier, you can get the individual component machines like this guy or the whole SRX package if you’re down with that. As for me, I’m sort of 60/40 on this guy and the set as a whole. Like 60% of me wants to get one but the accumulated price tag of these three would instantly kill my finances.

August 2021 / ¥18,000


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