“Pacific Rim: The Black” Full Trailer & Quick Analysis

Around the middle of last week, Netflix released a quick teaser for Pacific Rim: The Black that revealed some new shots and more importantly, revealed its March 4 drop on the streaming service. To further build up hype and anticipation, they’ve now released the full trailer as well, showing more of the premise, characters, and most importantly, our new hero Jaeger.

The trailer flashes back to our protagonists, Hayley and Taylor, when they are younger, including the initial Kaiju attacks to Australia, and the reveal that their currently-missing parents are actually part of the Pan Pacific Defense Corps. Now we can quickly justify this to just being killed in action, or something that has more layers. I think it’s more of the latter.

We then see how they stumbled upon our hero Jaeger and for something that’s long-abandoned, it looks totally new. It even has a talking AI named Loa, which also explains why we don’t hear GLaDOS’ voice as with the live action movies, actual production reasons aside. More on the Jaeger later.

The trailer also reveals more mysterious elements to the plot, including two characters. One looks like a child that appears to have some connection to the Kaiju and the other is this old dude who has this untrustworthy smirk on his face. I could be totally wrong on the latter one but hey, we’re all free to speculate. Another mystery is this gigantic, Jaeger-looking silhouette that saves Hayley and Taylor. Actually, it might also be a Kaiju thanks to those spikes all over its body. But, it might also be a Jaeger because of its humanoid form and what not. Again, just my speculations.

Finally, we have our full body look at the yet-to-be-named Jaeger our protagonists use. It has a mostly blue and yellow color scheme which kind of reminds me of Romeo Blue, an American Mark-1 Jaeger. But more importantly, it has very similar form as Gipsy Danger and Gipsy Avenger, especially with those powerful proportions and that head visor. I’m also trying to see if this is a newer generation Jaeger based on how its cockpit looks, like those from Pacific Rim: Uprising or an older one. Oh, and I would really want a figure of this guy. If Bandai Spirits still has the Pacific Rim license then you know I’ll be buying this guy if they make one.

So there you go. Pacific Rim was originally inspired by Japanese kaiju and super robot anime and now, it has totally become one. I really hope the series tells a great story and become successful enough more more spin-offs to expand this universe. Pacific Rim: The Black drops to Netflix on March 4. I’ve also attached the full trailer below for your viewing pleasure.


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