Still Don’t Like That Faceplate: Fighting Armor Wolverine

Last week, Sen-Ti-Nel teased the next figure in the Fighting Armor line, none other than mister Weapon X himself, Wolverine. And now, they have opened solicitations along with more details but, if you’re familiar with the line, then you should know that this is more or less the same figure as the previous ones albeit different colors and details specific to Wolverine’s yellow and blue costume.

If you need a refresher, the Fighting Action line is basically the what-if scenario of making armors for other Marvel super heroes. And if you’re Tony Stark, you won’t make these new armors not much different from your current working Iron Man armor except for aesthetics. So this is exactly what Sen-Ti-Nel is going for, and if you don’t like the similarities, that’s fine. In any case, outside of details specific to Wolverine’s costume, the other design elements perfectly match those from the Fighting Armor Iron Man.

As with this post’s title, I’ll just get this out there. I don’t like how they’re doing these masks as armored helmets. Specifically with Wolverine over here, it’s pretty much how his costume looks which would likely appeal Wolverine fans but I’d prefer it it looked more robotic, which is also my personal nitpick with the Iron Spider from this line. Then there’s the mouth plate which is just there, no details whatsoever. Totally looks like the Wolverine headpiece on top of a metallic mannequin. But that’s just my personal thing.

That said, Wolverine fans would love to see this armored version of the character either wasting enemies with his signature Adamantium claws or blowing them up with Repulsor blasts. It also includes the same Sen-Ti-Nel display base we’re all familiar with for those aerial poses.

With the first four announced, there’s only one more Fighting Action character to be revealed, at least as far as those prototypes shown way back when are concerned. And that is of course Deadpool. His armor looks the most Iron Man-like among the aforementioned prototypes so I’m quite curious how he’ll look like once solicitations are out.

Fighting Armor Wolverine
June 2021 / ¥11,000


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