Well, This is a Thing: Soukou Musume Senki (LBX Girls)

Ten years ago, Bandai Spirits started selling LBX kits, desktop sized robots based on the Danball Senki games and anime which had these robots fight each other. Think of it as Gundam Build Fighters meets Beyblade. The last anime in the franchise was Danball Senki Wars though there was also a gacha game spinoff called Soukou Musume set during the events of the first Danball Senki anime. We also got one kit from this game with LBCS: Achilles Karina Mikazuki from Kotobukiya.

So where am I going with these? Well apparently, there’s a currently-airing anime based on Soukou Musume called Soukou Musume Senki or LBX Girls. The story isn’t an exact copy of the game’s but the concept is more or less the same.

The story finds our protagonists transported to an alternate world invaded by enemies known as Mimesis that they can only fight as Armor Girls using LBX-based weapons. While the teaser, with music similar to the Sailor Moon transformation theme, looks light-hearted, the full trailer reveals a conflict that has dragged on for quite a while.

This appears to be less of Frame Arms Girl (anime) and more on the likes of Sky Girls or Infinite Stratos. Our lead also appears to be using armor based on the LBX Assassin, which was an enemy unit in Danball Senki and surprisingly, has not been released as a model kit.

In any case, with Soukou Musume Senki and Back Arrow currently airing, mecha fans should have more content to digest after the drought that has been plaguing the genre for quite a while.


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