Isn’t -ACTION- The Standard? Figure-rise Standard Ultraman Suit Tiga [Sky Type] -ACTION-

Pardon me if I misremember things, but when Bandai Spirts released the Figure-rise Standard Ultraman Suit TIGA, I think they haven’t remade the previous kits in the -ACTION- specification. To recall, the first Ultraman Suit kits featured an LED light up feature which limited torso articulation. To ‘correct’ this, they later released these kits in new -ACTION- versions which gives an option of better articulation in lieu of installing an LED unit.

Then then released Ultraman Suit TIGA which wasn’t an -ACTION- kit, most likely due to the time it was designed. But it looks like they’re now doing the same ‘correction’ with the Figure-rise Standard Ultraman Suit Tiga [Sky Type] -ACTION-, except that it’s a variant of the original.

To recall your 90s tokusatsu, Ultraman Tiga has three forms, with the Sky Type being the speed-based form, and is mostly blue/purple. In the Ultraman Suit Another Universe photonovel, the Sky Type is also a variant of the original Tiga suit except that it’s also blue and has leg thruster units, giving it more speed and mobility.

I found it somewhat appropriate that the -ACTION- version is given to the Sky Type suit to emphasize it’s speed and mobility. At the same time, it’s also clever in Bandai Spirits’ part as those who wanted a better articulated Ultraman Suit Tiga must get this kit to basically replace the torso parts of the original, which I assume are compatible parts.

Much like previous Ultraman Suit releases, this kit also comes with an original weapon, though technically this whole kit is already an original. Anyway, it comes with the Zeperion Spear which is a forearm-mounted weapon and comes with its own effect parts.

I’ve yet to get any of these Ultraman Suit kits, but I really dig the designs. I just hope that all kits released from this point are all -ACTION- versions, like what they did with Ultraman Suit Zero.

Figure-rise Standard Ultraman Suit Tiga [Sky Type] -ACTION-
June 2021 / ¥3,200


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