Definitely Not Kotobukiya: HG Cybaster (Cybuster?)

Kotobukiya’s S.R.D-S line of kits from Super Robot Wars OG has been running for quite a while now, and the older release are already hard to come by, not to mention having dated engineering. So it’s a good thing when Bandai Spirits announced that they’re also now do SRW kits as part of its 30th anniversary in 2021. Kicking things off is no other than the magic-using Cybuster (Cybaster as they spelled it) as part of the ever-expanding non-Gunpla High Grade line up.

Cybuster is the pearl and purple magically powered mecha most SRW players remember, and this HG model does a good job of conveying the necessary visual cues with this kit. There have been many versions of the Cybuster since its first appearance so Bandai Spirits went on to produce the version that appeared in Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Masou Kishin.

I’m not sure of the Kotobukiya versions, but the official Super Robot Wars blog mentions how Cybuster kits often have limited articulation due to its design. But this kit has engineering that manages to very much integrate articulation while maintaining the original aesthetic, and its Cybird transformation. The latter done most likely through using replacement parts. I just hope that it’s not HGUC Zeta Gundam levels of parts replacement and won’t warrant me to get two copies if ever. As far as scale goes, it’s technically non-scale though SRW producer Takanobu Terada mentions in the same blog post that this kit is likely around the size of a Master Grade Gunpla kit, which is true considering the 1/144 scale Kotobukiya version is along 1/100 Gunpla sized as well.

They also mention how they achieve its articulation though the use of a combination of joint assemblies. For example, the elbow joints use a mix of a standard single point hinge and a ball-and-socket for maximum range. Allowing the Cybuster to replicate signature poses with the included Discutter or its sword. Speaking of weapons, the kit comes with two Discutters, multiple replacement hands, and two High Familiars which are its remote weapons that are sort of shaped like cats.

Having missed previous versions, I’m looking forward to getting this HG Cybuster kit. I’m also looking forward to more Super Robot Wars OG releases. And while I don’t think they’ll cover the same assortment as Kotobukiya did, at least the more popular designs will get better engineered versions.

HG Cybuster
June 2021 / ¥4,000


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