“Back Arrow” Premieres Today! The Robot Sprits Figure Solicitations

The wall encloses the world. It encircles, protects, and nurtures those sheltered within. It is worshipped as God.

Initially revealed during Tamashii Nation 2020 back in November, Back Arrow, the latest mecha anime from Goro Taniguchi (Code GeassRevisions) and Kazuki Nakashima (Gurren Lagann, Promare) will have its Japanese premiere tonight. Along with it, Tamshii Nations has put up solicitations for the various tie-in figures they’ll release. And of course, I’ll be covering those under The Robot Spirits line.

At the show last year, four multi-colored mecha, called Briheights, were on display, two of which are being solicited for regular retail release. I mentioned this during the initial reveal of the series, that I find the Briheight designs quite unique and of the four revealed, no two units were similar.

The hero machine for this series is the oddly-named Muga, and is used by our titular main character. It’s dominantly blue and white, with the blue parts being clear plastic. Combine that with the its very sleek profile gives an overall feeling of a very agile and poseable Briheight. Muga also appears to specialize in close combat as the figure doesn’t seem to include any handheld weapons, with the accessories mostly being replacement manipulators and effect parts. Like I mentioned previously, the silhouette totally gives me Tekkaman Blade vibes.

The Robot Spririts ⟨Side BH⟩ Briheight: Muga
June 2021 / ¥5,400

The second figure to be solicited is Gigan, used by Kai Rhodan of the Lecca Triumphal Empre. Having not watched any episode as of this post, I’m not sure if he’s a villain or just another Briheight user like Back Arrow. What’s known is how different is its design from Muga. It still uses clear green parts though the aesthetic is, again, quite different. It also uses a long spear as primary weapon.

The Robot Spririts ⟨Side BH⟩ Briheight: Gigan
July 2021 / ¥7,600

Both are interesting designs, but it all depends on how the series turns out to be. Back Arrow is slated to run two 12-episode seasons.


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