Hand-Painting, Literally. Work-in-Progress #2: MODEROID Savage Crossbow

Not exactly the smoothest build but I’m almost done with the MODEROID Savage Crossbow. All that’s left is a little bit of hand-painting.

Hand-Painting, Literally. Work-in-Progress #2: MODEROID Savage Crossbow

Prior to this build, I was really apprehensive when it comes to hand-painting my kits. But thanks to a couple of YouTube tutorials, I’ve had a new found appreciation of the technique, especially when applied correctly — to small details and not large surfaces. This is the same reason I was putting off building the HG Gundam Barbatos Lupus Rex and it’s large claw-like manipulators.

I also accidentally attached one of the forearms pieces backwards. To those familiar with the kit, each forearm has a sculpted hexagon detail on the front, in contrast to the lower leg pieces which have them at the back. Attaching the forearm pieces backwards puts all the sculpted hexagon details at the back side, sort of creating a more consistent look…? But that’s just me justifying my mistake. Anyway, once I’m done with the hands, I can open yet another kit in my never-ending backlog.


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