Freaking Minus Molds! Work-in-Progress #1: MODEROID Savage Crossbow

I was really setting my sights on building the RG Nu Gundam during the holiday break. Well, I’ll defer that build as my next since I went on and started this guy.

Freaking Minus Molds! Work-in-Progress #1: MODEROID Savage Crossbow

This is the MODEROID 1/35 Savage Crossbow, the Savage unit Sousuke Sagara used after the Arbalest got destroyed in Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory. It’s also my first time building a MODEROID kit though I already have quite a few in my backlog. Going through the manual, I thought this was going to be a relatively easy build, judging by the low parts count.

I totally forgot that this ain’t a Bandai Spirits kit, so I immediately found myself fiddling though very small parts, that also needed painting. Those made up the minus molds you see above. You then have to fit them in round holes found on various parts of the kit — and they’re not exactly the easiest things to put together. Almost took me a good couple of hours just to attach 10 of these small minus molds. They do look good though once done. I also did a lot of detail painting by hand, something I’d normally pass up on, opting for complicated masking.

I’m targeting to finish this guy within this week so I can really start on the Nu Gundam. At least that’s the plan.


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