Plastic Crack: Cavico Models’ Riesen-Panzer IV & JGSDF Type 07 Tank

This is Plastic Crack — posts with content shared from other collectors that provide inspiration for the hobby or the unnecessary push to buy more stuff.

Been doing my morning rounds of hobby-related social media consumption when I stumbled upon an image of two kits via @toshilx470 on Twitter. Oh, and they’re totally not Gunpla or Gundam related.

These two are manufactured by Cavico Models, known for producing kits from both amateur and professional designers. On the left is the Riezen-Panzer IV from NZ Industrial’s Kampf Riesen Mars. I totally have zero idea on the story or setting but it gives a strong Maschinen Krieger vibe. On the right, and totally on a different side of the spectrum is the JGSDF Type 07 Tank “Natchin” from designer moimoi7. The designer also wrote this post and provides more sketches, technical notes, and background information about the machine.

Do note that the JGSDF Type 07 Tank shown here is a 3D printed copy since the kit sold on retail is much smaller, like this small. At the moment I’m still on the fence if I’ll get the 1/35 Riesen-Panzer IV or not, especially since they’re releasing a variant with Hobby Japan and it’s limited to 2000 copies.

1/35 Riesen-Panzer IV [United Nations]
August 2019 / ¥4,320


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