Dominating! MG GM Dominance [Philip Hughes Custom]

I’ll start this post by pulling the blurb from the #1000 CATALOGUE Entries page to describe the kits I tend to build and collect:

Primarily comprised of lead or titular Gundams from any series but can as well be any mobile suit design of interest, either as a 1/144 scale model kit (i.e. Gunpla) or a similarly-scaled action figure.

That said, I always appreciate a great kit regardless of the scale or if it’s not a lead Gundam and this Premium Bandai exclusive is exactly that.

Dominating! MG GM Dominance [Philip Hughes Custom]

The original MG GM Dominance kit was released one year ago and it is arguably one of the best looking GM-based kits out there. Want to make it look more badass? Apply a darker color scheme and add a couple of mobile gun turrets. And that’s exactly what this variant is. This is the MG GM Dominance [Philip Hughes Custom], hailing form Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story: The Blue Destiny. Outside the recolors and new weapons, the only other change is the remolded backpack to accommodate the gun turrets when in storage.

Dominating! MG GM Dominance [Philip Hughes Custom]

If Bandai Spirits ever decides to release a High Grade version of this kit, I’d immediately plug a Gundam Local Type head on it.

MG 1/100 GM Dominance [Philip Hughes Custom]
October 2019 / ¥5,500


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