Plastic Crack: S.H.Figuarts “House Party Protocol” Iron Man Figures?

This is Plastic Crack — posts with content shared from other collectors that provide inspiration for the hobby or the unnecessary push to buy more stuff.

Tokyo Comic Con 2018 just happened last weekend and there were a lot of stuff on display. One of the more notable ones, at least for me, is this display from Tamashii Nations having a slew of S.H.Figuarts figures for the “House Party Protocol” suits from Iron Man 3. If you could recall, the last company that had a similar show of figures is Comicave Studios. And while they were able to release pairs of similar armor designs, they weren’t able to release most of the suits as they initially promised.

On the other hand, Tamashii Nations has been playing this game where they display figures on the show floor, only to be tagged as “display only” pieces. These include the more interesting designs like the Mark 8, Python, Silver Centurion, Heartbreaker, and Shades armors. Some of them have higher chances of getting releases, like the upcoming event exclusive Hot Rod, while some are easy repaints like Midas. In any case, here’s hoping that most of these displays translate to actual figures.

Video via とほ。


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