Proton Freaking Cannon! MAFEX Iron Man (Comic Ver.)

While everyone's talking of Spider-Man and Doctor Strange thanks to the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer that just dropped, I'm still talking about Iron Man. Because Medicom decided to open solicitations for their MAFEX Iron Man (Comic Ver.) action figure. We've had several versions of the classic suit (or the Model 4) from multiple companies, … Continue reading Proton Freaking Cannon! MAFEX Iron Man (Comic Ver.)

One Shots / "Creative. Classic. Cinematic."

For the past 80 years, Marvel comics has told a lot of stories involving Tony Stark and multiple versions of the Iron Man suit. But regardless of the stories and accompanying changes, it always goes back full circle to the iconic red and gold armor design.

#2001 / One:12 Collective / “Invincible” Iron Man Model 4

It's been years since I did a photo shoot, or a CATALOGUE Entry as I'd like to call it, for one of my figures. I'm also hoping to do this on a more frequent basis, which is part of my "Refresh and Renewal" initiative for the blog in 2019. Today's CATALOGUE Entry will be featuring … Continue reading #2001 / One:12 Collective / “Invincible” Iron Man Model 4