Proton Freaking Cannon! MAFEX Iron Man (Comic Ver.)

While everyone’s talking of Spider-Man and Doctor Strange thanks to the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer that just dropped, I’m still talking about Iron Man. Because Medicom decided to open solicitations for their MAFEX Iron Man (Comic Ver.) action figure. We’ve had several versions of the classic suit (or the Model 4) from multiple companies, including Mezco Toyz and even Hasbro with the latter’s Marvel 80 Years version. So, how would the MAFEX version be different?

For starters, it doesn’t really look different from the Marvel Legends version outside of better looking joint assemblies. Oh, they also use a bright yellow for the arm and leg parts instead of gold, which is usually the color used for more modern renditions. The arc reactor is also done with a clear plastic piece on top of a yellow part. If you squint on the shoulder joints, you’ll also see forward swinging hinges which acts as the butterfly joints of the figure.

But what’s probably the best selling point of this figure is the inclusion of a massive Proton Cannon as accessory. To those unfamiliar, the Proton Cannon is one of Iron Man’s many weapons. Though the MCU version didn’t use one, this weapon gained popularity in the 90s thanks to the game Marvel VS. Capcom where Modular Armor Iron Man uses it as a finishing move. It does make me curious if the recently released Marvel Legends Modular Armor can hold this Proton Cannon.

The figure also includes several head display options. First is the default face plate where the eye slits can be covered or removed to reveal Tony Stark’s eyes. The set also includes another face plate based on Alex Ross’ design — the one with the ‘nose’. Finally is an unmasked Tony Stark head based on the comics, complete with that mullet.

Before I mention the other accessories, you will notice that the figure only comes with two face plates for the normal and the Alex Ross versions. I assume there would be additional pieces to cover the slits as mentioned above. Then we have the usual plethora of hand parts and effect pieces. Finally is a pair of roller dash parts, which are basically replacement feet with wheels attached to them, though I doubt these wheels actually roll.

For those who haven’t had a definitive version of the classic Iron Man armor, whether because the One:12 Collective version is long sold out, or the Marvel Legends is just sub par, then this figure is for you. It is the only figure that includes a massive Proton Cannon piece, though you have to also take note how the figure requires a stand to carry this thing. Otherwise, this is as classic as an Iron Man figure can get.

MAFEX Iron Man (Comic Ver.)
June 2022 / ¥12,800
Order via HobbyLink Japan


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