Sen-Ti-Nel Finally Getting into the Brave Game: METAMOR-FORCE Fire Dagwon

There has been a Brave Series resurgence in recent years, with multiple companies, including Bandai Spirits, Good Smile Company, and Kotobukiya dipping their toes into the franchise in one way or another. This also makes my life as a collector looking for consistency a little difficult but nevertheless, the one company who’s yet to enter the foray is Sen-Ti-Nel, until now.

Because Sen-Ti-Nel is going to release METAMOR-FORCE Fire Dagwon, the first primary combination from Brace Command Dagwon. To those unfamiliar, The METAMOR-FORCE line is their transformation-oriented line that includes metal parts for stability.

For starters, Fire Dagwon is formed with the transformation of Fire Jumbo, combined with two auxiliary vehicles — Fire Ladder and Fire Rescue, and with Fire Stratos at its core. Now a jumbo jet with such a fuselage shape won’t fly in real life, but this thing is powered by courage and shouting so all bases are covered.

Admittedly, I consider Fire Dagwon to be one of the better designed Brave Series machines in the franchise with its rather elegant combination of red and gold plus hints of black at the lower sections. It doesn’t take away that there’s a pair or large airplane wings stuck on its back, but it looks good overall. And Sen-Ti-Nel is able to capture this look with this gorgeous figure.

I don’t the poseability on this guy to be and absolute banger thanks to the transformation, and combination with future releases as they hinted with Power Dagwon, but it still looks good for the articulation it can do.

For accessories, Fire Dagwon comes with a couple of bladed weapons. First is the Fire Sword which extends from the arm formed from Fire Ladder, and the Lio Sword, it’s primary finishing weapon. It also comes with the staple Sen-Ti-Nel display stand we’re very much accustomed to. If you order from the Sen-Ti-Nel Store, you will also get optional Fire Sword and Lio Sword blade parts with exaggerated proportions for those very dynamic shots.

December 2023 / ¥39,800
Order via HobbyLink Japan



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