I Sure Hope This is a Mini Gokin Release: Tetsujin 28 FX from Action Toys

I think I’ve already shared my frustration on having no other figure to go along with my Mini Gokin Tetsujin 28 from Messenger of the Sun Tetsujin 28, especially after Good Smile Company announced MODEROID kits of the whole trilogy. But it looks like I’ll be rewarded in sticking with Action Toys as they made this tease.

This is obviously Tetsujin 28 FX from the series of the same name. And upon seeing this tease, I immediately looked for any signs of what line this guy would be. While I found none, I am really hoping this would be a Mini Gokin figure as well so that my other Tetsujin 28 figure will finally have another display piece to go along with.

Assuming that to be the case, I would still need a figure of the original Tetsujin 28 to match, but at least that’s two out of three covered — if this will indeed be a Mini Gokin release.

And on a bit of a tangent, I think I’m not alone in saying that we’re still waiting for updates on the Mini Action Voltrons (Lion & Vehicle Force) teased last year.



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