Side Story Mecha Catch Up Time!

I’ve been quite busy recently, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate good side story mecha designs when I see one, or two.

First up is ASW-G-48 Gundam Haagenti from Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS MSV. I’d say its design is quite different from the rest of the Calamity War or Post Disaster era Gundams with more emphasis on curves than solid edges. I’d even say this design evokes more G-Reco than IBO. It’s supposedly piloted by Angelica Elion, yes, that Elion, and is an agile mobile suit using a pair of Katana Blades as primary weapons.

This would be the fourth Gundam Frame from the IBO-MSV variation series, and none have yet to get a model kit. So Bandai Spirits, you know what you need to do.

Then we have GRX-A01 Schrodinger from Code Geass: Genesic Re;CODE, the gacha game from the Code Geass Next 10 Years Project. Speaking of which, the game is apparently ending at the end of April as the servers will be turned offline. Maybe the player base isn’t as many as they hoped for?

In any case, the Schrodinger is a Knightmare Frame that appears in one of the last chapters. And that’s all I know of this guy as I’ve not played the game. It does look good though, giving clear Lancelot vibes with the land spinners and overall white color scheme. Speaking of Lancelot comparisons, it also has Energy Wings that take the shape of the Geass symbol. And now that I mention it, the motiff of this guy is the Geass symbol. This is probably the last boss in the game.

I doubt Bandai Spirits will create a model kit of this, but we can always wish.


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