Transformers Studio Series – Gamer Edition Optimus Prime: Designer Commentary

Going from old news to much older news, like almost a month ago, Hasbro toy designer Evan Brooks provided some designer commentary on the upcoming Studio Series – Gamer Edition Optimus Prime from Transformers: War for Cybertron. I won’t reiterate what he explained in his Instagram post and you can check it out yourselves, but I just wanted to talk about the comparisons he made between the upcoming figure and the first version.

For starters, the original came out back in 2010 when Deluxe class figures are much larger than today’s standards. Not to mention it has one of the most complex transformations I’ve seen outside of Masterpiece figures. What we’re getting with the new Gamer Edition figure is a modern Voyager class figure which is a good head taller than the original. You can also see that while the design is more or less the same, there are some differences likely due to the transformation. Both figures still have panels at the back, but the new figure doesn’t have the same shoulder panels.

The size difference becomes more apparent in vehicle mode as you can see here. This might just be because of perspective, but the new figure appears to be a good size larger. Again, the overall design is the same but the transformation is likely different. I’m not sure if it will be less complex, but the larger size should provide for more updated engineering.

There’s no release information regarding this guy, or the rest of the Gamer Edition figures. But I’m hoping to get more details with the upcoming Transformers Fanstream happening on April 4, as of this writing.



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