It May be Clunky, But it’s Good Clunky! Marvel Legends Iron Man [Model 01]

Not sure if the white packaging will be shared across all Avengers 60th Anniversary figures.

Earlier this month, The Marvel team over at Hasbro had a livestream where they revealed an upcoming Iron Man [Model 01] Marvel Legends figure following the string of new versions they’re currently doing. And now, we have official solicitation images to show more details and key features.

I like how they’re trying to do the “superhero landing” pose with this figure and it’s obviously struggling to do so.

You can easily compare these shots with the old 2006 Toy Biz version as covered in this CATALOGUE Entry — #2003 / Marvel Legends Series / Iron Man Model 1 (“First Appearance”, 2006) — But clearly the proportions and styling are more modern but still is much accurate to the classic design. Besides the swirly silver plastic that I’m sure some will complain about, there are also scratches and dings all over the armor, showing its rather rudimentary construction.

Speaking of poses, it’s not supposed to be as flexible as the later Iron Man armor models, but it’s still able to the more iconic ones as seen in its debut in Tales of Suspense.

This figure comes with the minimum when it comes to “standard” Iron Man accessories, which include a pair of blast effects, a pair of smoke trail effects, and a pair of replacement hands. I wish it came with an unmasked head to Tales of Suspense Tony Stark, just like how the 2006 Toy Biz version had a removable front face plate.

Regardless, I’m definitely getting this guy, and I hope we’re one step closer to finally getting an updated version of the Ultimate Iron Man figure.

Marvel Legends Iron Man [Model 01]
August 2023 / $27.99



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