Beyond the Gray Prototype: Legacy Evolution Commander class “Armada Universe” Optimus Prime

Ever since that gray prototype of a modern Transformers: Armada version of Optimus Prime appeared in a toy show several years back, and the subsequent lack of updates, fans have been wondering about whatever happened to that particular toy. Then Legacy Evolution toys started coming out and it prominently featured Armada Optimus Prime in the key illustration — which sparked hopes of that gray prototype finally coming into fruition.

Well friends, it looks like all those hopes are not in vain as copies of Transformers Generations – Legacy Evolution Commander class “Armada Universe” Optimus Prime are now getting leaked, and we are getting good previews of its features and gimmicks.

First of all, it looks good, really good! Unlike the “Prime Universe” characters that got a significant treatment of G1-nification, the “Armada Universe” characters are sticking to their source aesthetics, and Optimus Prime is no exception, especially when seen side-by-side with Armada Starscream from the same universe. It also looks to be quite articulated as needed for its super mode transformation.

In its base form, Armada Optimus Prime stands in your now-standard Voyager class size range. It’s quite good considering base form Armada Optimus Prime isn’t the tallest, especially when compared to Armada Megatron, which is also getting a Legacy Evolution version toy.

Optimus Prime comes with his ever-trusty Ion Blaster and has an opening chest feature to reveal a golden Matrix of Leadership. His chest appears to open in several layers: the outer torso armor opens to reveal the Matrix, which in itself is connected to another opening panel that reveals more internal details.

Let’s then get into vehicle mode where this guy also shines very well and captures the spirit of the original toy. And that trailer is quite massive and is proportionally scaled well with the cab section. Do note that the rear threads under the trailer are just for show though each have wheels to let the thing roll smoothly. All that being said, I’m not the biggest fan of the clear transparent windows. It is accurate to the original toy, though I might’ve just been accustomed to the STD non-combining version I had with the silver windows. Either way, vehicle mode looks great as well.

And of course, let’s not forget the primary selling point of this set, Optimus Prime in Super Mode. Now the transformation of the original toy has baffled me quite a bit before finding out that the trailer just folds inside out and it’s basically a traffic cone. With great articulation now paramount in modern Transformers figures, it’s good to see that Armada Optimus Prime can properly bend its legs and rotate its waist.

We don’t have any photos of size comparisons with Super Mode over here, but I’m inclined to think it could be as large as the HasLab Star Saber. These leaked photos also show the Super Mode being compatible with the original Armada toys, but we’ll have to wait until more copies get into the hands of collectors to confirm this.

Oh and of course, we have Base Mode which can act as a good playset with your other Legacy/Legacy Evolution Armada figures like Hot Shot and Starscream.

I also wanted to show the original Armada Optimus Prime gray prototype teased back in early 2019 for comparison, and it is a much more styled version than the Legacy Evolution one. It still makes me wonder why they kept this figure out for so long but I’m glad they’re finally releasing one, albeit a totally different mold.

So yes, this is a no-brainer, and I am absolutely getting myself a copy of this guy. Especially now that it’s not a question of if, but a question of when this set comes out.



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