Mecha Smile Impact 2023: My Unsolicited #MODEROID Top Picks

It’s just day one of Mecha Smile Impact 2023, but I think they’ve already covered most of the MODEROID stuff and day two will focus on their other Good Mecha Smile brands, particularly The Gattai. Nope, day two still had more MODEROID reveals, including some very notable ones. Though I was correct in that upcoming The Gattai releases were going to be announced on day two. And so, I think I can now present my unsolicited top picks from the multitude of kits they just revealed.

MODEROID Linebarrel Overdrive

It’s been quite a long while since we’ve heard of anything related to Linebarrels of Iron once the anime had its run in 2009. Kotobukuya made quite a number of kits for the anime at the time of broadcast and I still have mine in the backlog. But I guess I had those kits in the backlog longer than they should as Good Smile Company is now making Linebarrels of Iron kits as well. These would definitely benefit more modern engineering but more importantly, cover some of the bases that Kotobukiya missed.

Kotobukiya released a standalone kit of the Linebarrel and another in its Overdrive mode. For this kit, Good Smile Company is taking a different approach and allows you to build Linebarrel in its standard configuration, then transform it into Overdrive Mode by replacing parts of the shoulders, forearms, and the tail stabilizer. I just hope this transformation doesn’t involve totally disassembly of the kit. As if that were the case, I might get two copies as well.

It also opens the possibility of kits from designs that’s currently exclusive to the manga, like EX-Linebarrel that Sen-Ti-Nel is going to release as a RIOBOT figure. We’ll see where Good Smile Company will take this license.

MODEROID Megaton Musashi

The Fall 2021 season had a lot of mecha anime, and amongst those that got my attention is Megaton Musashi from Level 5 — you know, the guys that did Yokai Watch, Danball Senki, and Gundam AGE (at least in part). And don’t let that list of shows sway you away as this series goes quite dark, yet still friendly for kids to indulge in. For a series touted as a multimedia franchise, they only released a single figure of Megaton Musahi — the Premium Bandai exclusive Super Dreadnought Megaton Musahi. It’s kind of like a DX Super Sentai set.

So, while I’m not religiously following the series as I previously thought, I was still surprised that they’re doing a MODEROID release of this design. It’s branded under the sophomore season Megaton Musashi X, but I still think it’s pretty much the same design as we have from its first outing in 2021.

MODEROID Megaton Musashi stands at 160mm, the standard size for most MODEROID kits. It will also come with its standard weapons loadout, including its Double Blade, Photon Revolver, and its finishing attack, the Megaton Punch. One feature not mentioned in this reveal is the ability for this kit to split into several components just like in the show. In certain situations, Megaton Musashi is deployed as its separate components and they go through a combination sequence dubbed as the “Sky Build.” We’ll have to wait if they are including this gimmick but the kit as it is right now already looks good.

MODEROID Tetsujin 28 FX

This reveal ultimately sways me towards the MODEROID direction.

Ever since Good Smile Company revealed their plans to release MODEROID kits of both Tetsujin 28 and “Messenger of the Sun” Tetsujin 28, I have been in this sort of dilemma on how I’ll approach collecting Tetsujin 28 figures or model kits. I currently have the Mini Gokin “Messenger of the Sun” Tetsujin 28 and it is a great figure. However, I don’t have anything else to go along with it. I was hoping Action Toys would release Mini Gokin versions of Tetsujin 28 and Tetsujin 28 FX but it looks like Good Smile Company beat them to it. Especially now that the complete Tetsujin 28 trifecta will be coming out as MODEROID kits.

In addition, the kit will also come with parts to build No. 17 Phoenix and you’ll basically have the complete package with a single kit purchase. Just seeing these three above is enough to way me away towards Good Smile Company’s offers. Sorry Action Toys.

MODEROID KG-6 Sleipnir

Another apparent theme I’m seeing with these reveals, aside from the ones coming from GONZO-produced series, is that a good number of these kits were previously revealed by MegaHouse as Variable Action figures. And let me tell you, I don’t have any good experience with that line, so much so that I’ve only opened their version of Sleipnir once, afraid of any QC issues I might encounter. So it’s a relief that Good Smile Factory also picked up the Aldnoah Zero license with the MODEROID KG-6 Sleipnir.

Standing at 145mm, it may be a tad bit taller than most of my Gunpla, but I still think it would perfectly fit my collection. It also gives me hope that they’ll eventually do the Space Type which is a totally different beast on its own, thanks to the gargantuan accessories. They’re also doing the KG-7 Areion which is mostly a gray recolor of the Sleipnir.

MODEROID Black Sarena

Given that Good Smile Company is already accepting pre-orders for the Aestivalis units from Nadesico, it’s no surprise that they would also do the Black Sarena from Martian Successor Nadesico: The Prince of Darkness.

The bulky design doesn’t really lend itself to good articulation, but it does compensate with the proportions and accuracy to its animation counterpart,

The main selling point of this design is that underneath all those very intimidating black armor units is an Aestivalis Ground Battle Frame unit. Now, I know next to nothing of why this unit was using these massive armored parts but I think it’s great that Good Smile Company incorporated the ability for the vanilla Aestivalis unit underneath to purge some of the Black Sarena armor to create more display options.

Color separation for this kit should be straight forward as it’s mostly black and pink plastic. Though I do hope the markings on the head unit and the large shoulder pauldrons be actual plastic pieces, or pre-painted in case of the head crest.

And there you go, the third post I have covering Mecha Smile Impact 2023. These are indeed my top picks though there’s still a category or two I haven’t touched upon. I’m not really sure how well MODEROID kits sell, especially those coming from more niche titles, but I really hope Good Smile Company is able to continue providing coverage to these lesser known properties.


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