#5006 / RE:EDIT / Mjolnir Mark VI [Gen 3] “Master Chief”

2022 is finally over and we’re now on the first in a new set of 365 days that makes up 2023. And to kick off 2023, I wanted to post a new gallery from the category I’ve least updated in 2022, my #5000 / Twelfth-scale and Others collection. I do admit owning the least collectibles in this category, that’s why I’m padding for time by not taking more galleries, but I should change that. And that starts with 1000toys’ RE:EDIT Mjolnir Mark VI [Gen 3] “Master Chief”, a figure originally released in 2021, which I skipped, and reissued in 2022. So, check out this gallery by hitting the link below. Enjoy!

The CATALOGUE — #5000 / Twelfth-Scale & Others — #5006 / RE:EDIT / Mjolnir Mark VI [Gen 3] “Master Chief”



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