#4006 / Function-X / Positum (“Alligatorcon” Optimus Prime)

Product Line / Function-X
Scale & Class / Deluxe Class Unlicensed Transformers Figure
Manufacturer / FansProject
Release Date / 2015
Appearances / The Transformers – “City of Steel”

FansProject might be one of the earlier players in the third-party Transformers scene, but they have produced such quality products that their releases are still being bought to this day. They were also one of the first groups to reintroduce the Headmaster concept into modern Transformers figures, years ahead of Hasbro and Takara Tomy, with their Function-X line. One of these is Positum, a recolor of Crox (their version of Skullcruncher) and is a homage to the original The Transformers episode “City of Steel” where Optimus Prime was disassembled and turned into Alligatorcon by the Constructicons.

Besides the obvious Optimus Prime recolors, the figure also replaces the original Skullcruncher head with the one that came with Code (their version of Chromedome) for that signature Prime faceplate. Talking about its aesthetics, Positum looks great with the copious amounts of sculpted detail matched with the equally amazing paint work, especially the mechanical panels on its back. Articulation is average but you can still put this figure in any pose with the joints in place. The arms have swivels both before and after the elbow joint, the latter seemingly a wrist swivel replacement. This would be especially useful when used with its single accessory, an Energon sword transforming from its tail in alligator mode. Speaking of alligator mode, it really evokes the look from the classic episode with how the colors are applied. It also has enough articulation to put the figure in menacing poses you see from alligators. It also has an opening canopy to seat the Headmaster in alligator mode.