Heard on the Grapevine: Project SYN and #SYNDUALITY Game & Anime

I just came across this from my various social feeds, but last August, a cross-media sci-fi project called Project SYN was announced. Not much was revealed outside of the visuals, some key staff which included neco (Heavily Armed High School Girls) for character designs and Ippei Gyoubu (Moon Gundam, IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS) for mechanical designs, and a teaser video as seen below.

Fast forward to a day before Tokyo Game Show 2022 opens and Bandai Namco dropped more information on this project. Specifically, the third person shooter game SYNDUALITY and an upcoming anime project of the same name.

And yes, it does have mecha so it fits the bill.

Not much was revealed for the anime outside of the same staff mentioned above and several voice actors — including Aoi Koga, Nagisa Koyama, and M・A・O. More information will be unveiled on a special program to be streamed on September 18.

As for the game, Bandai Namco has dropped a teaser trailer which should provide a good feel of how the game would be played and the basic story.

The concept is more or less navigating on this dystopian future with your mecha and AI. We recently saw this AI and mecha concept with AMAIM Warrior on the Borderline though I wasn’t a fan of how the AI were portrayed as these fluffy anthropomorphic creatures. The way they are doing it for SYNDUALITY is much better. More information on the game would also be revealed on the same stream on September 18.

SYNDUALITY is set for a 2023 release on PS5, XBox Series X and PC via Steam.


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