It Looks Dumb, and I Want One: Canon / Transformers Optimus Prime R5

This post has been updated with photos and details from official listings.

Last week, leaks of a Canon ✕ Transformers Optimus Prime collaboration figure appeared online. Based on that leak, the figure is going to be based on the EOS R5 mirrorless camera. Now, we have more information on what this is all about.

To those unfamiliar, Canon’s EOS R5 mirrorless camera is one of the best they’ve released in the last couple of years. Going for a little photography speak here, it houses a 45-megapixel full frame CMOS sensor with Dual Pixel auto focus to produce very sharp photos. For video, it can take uncropped 8K footage up to 30fps and 1080p to 4K footage up to 120fps. In fact, a lot of photographers and content creators have preferred the EOS R5 due to these features and more. You can check out this clip from Canon for more.

As for the figure itself? Yes, it looks dumb, but I want one.

Optimus Prime R5, as he’s officially called, has completely thrown the concept of “robots in disguise” out of the window as it’s quite obvious that he can transform into a camera. But hey, that’s marketing for you. Speaking of throwing things out of the window, this also includes subtlety as he ditches his iconic truck cab torso design for a camera lens looking straight at you. It also has a Matrix of Leadership inside, but more on that, and the included accessories later.

You can also see how his forehead is shaped like a camera too, complete with a lens-shaped jewel on the center.

For the camera mode, it looks okay, and while I don’t own an EOS R5, I’ve owned a Canon camera for a good period of time to say that all the details you should see are present. These include the buttons, dials, and labels for each, and even the sensor below the viewfinder. It even has the back panel of the LCD screen and covers for the various I/O ports on the sides. None of these are, of course, functional, but you can still press and fiddle with these buttons. The solicitations also mention that the camera mode is at 80% scale of the real EOS R5.

Oh, and the lens it comes with is a copy of the 24-105mm f/1.4 RF lens.

While Optimus Prime R5 over here has a bulkier-than-usual design, this doesn’t prevent him from having decent points or articulation. Granted, any movement within the torso is basically non-existent, but at least it has the usual joint assemblies on the shoulders, arms, and legs. His hands even have split articulation between the trigger finger and the rest of the fingers.

Taking a closer look at the image above, and as confirmed by the accessories later, we can see that the lens is actually removable. Not only for authenticity with real life cameras, but as part of the transformation. You basically take out the zoom and focus ring sections of the lens and open it to form a cape-like back panel. I still can’t figure out where the head and arms come from but at the surface, it appears to have an interesting transformation scheme.

For accessories, Optimus Prime R5 ditches his trusty Ion Blaster and Energon Axe in favor or a tiny EOS R5 that he can use to take mug shots of Decepticons. The lens cap also doubles as a shield and Canon product placement during battle. And as mentioned earlier, an Optimus Prime figure wouldn’t be complete with a Matrix of Leadership, and for this guy, it’s unceremoniously placed in the lens, albeit off-center, which is also hidden in camera mode.

I hope the lens lock you can see here actually functions to lock the whole lens assembly in camera mode.

Throughout the years, Optimus Prime has transformed into a variety of electronics items: a PlayStation 1 game console, an Infobar flip phone, a G-Shock watch pedestal, and now an EOS R5 mirrorless camera. You’d think they’d be witty and use Reflector, a character who actually transforms into a camera, for this collaboration. But alas, we are getting Optimus Prime since he is the face of the brand. UPDATE: They have also confirmed Reflector for the Decepticon version, as seen here.

And as an Optimus Prime collector, despite the figure looking dumb, I want to get one.

Canon / Transformers Optimus Prime R5
February 2023 / ¥16,980
Order via HobbyLink Japan

UPDATE: Takara Tomy has also uploaded an extensive preview of the figure on YouTube, which I’ve included below.


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