Hyped More Than it Should: “Red Giant 03rd MS Team” Exclusive High Grades

Back in Shizuoka Hobby Show last May, Bandai Spirits teased a cross-media project between the Mobile Suit Gundam: Bonds of the Battlefield II game, Gundam Ace, and Gunpla — Mobile Suit Gundam: Red Giant 03rd MS Team. Now the title is a ringer to the well loved 08th MS Team OVA though the connections on both stories is yet to be revealed. What was revealed during the hobby show is the tie-in Gunpla kits and now, they are opening solicitations for them so let’s take a closer look.

Three kits were revealed and will be sold as a set, they are also retools/recolors of the HGUC Gundam Ground Type and GM Ground Type.

First is the RX-79[G]RR Gundam RR “Rerage”, the commander unit and is basically a red Gundam Ground Type. It does have some differences outside the obvious color choices, chief being a new head unit that comes with a visor piece that can cover the front section. The visor piece comes in orange though I’m inclined to think that this would come as a single piece and you need to paint the surrounding parts in red. It also comes with its custom set of weapons, including a back mounted shoulder cannon and a large Gatling Revolver.

The next two kits are identical RGM-79[G]RR GM RR “Reds” units and are based off the GM Ground Type. Similar to the commander unit, they also feature new heads that have fixed visor units. The soliciations also mention that the antenna piece will come in separately colored plastic. Both machines specialize in melee combat and come with their own set of close combat weapons. These include the iron bunker and heat spikes, as well as the more standard GM Ground Type weapon set.

For all the new toolings that come with this set, check out the photo below.

The GM RR apparently comes with a new left leg part with additional panel line details.

For a good portion of this morning, I was actually thinking of getting this set. But then again, I just wanted the commander unit and I’m not willing to spend extra for the two GM RR kits. Besides, I still have a couple of HGUC Gundam Ground Type retools to build and I don’t need more of them. But if you’re interested with these designs, then get ready to hop to your local Premium Bandai shop, or contact your preferred middleman services as this set is an online exclusive.

HGUC “Red Giant 03rd MS Team” Set
September 2022 / ¥5,500


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