MakeToys Battle Tanker Anyone? DNA Design DK-37 Transformers Legacy Laser Optimus Prime Upgrade Kit

(Left) Battle Tanker add-on set for Reveal The Shield/United Optimus Prime. (Right) Battle Sentinel – core robot Gento + Battle Tanker

I don’t usually cover third-party add-on kits on this blog, but this is especially notable. Ten years ago (oh my, that’s already ten years ago?) MakeToys made their debut with the release of the Battle Tanker, their add-on set for Transformers Reveal The Shield Optimus Prime and Transformers United Laser Optimus Prime. It provided extra parts and a trailer that turns into an artillery platform that Optimus Prime can wear and wield. I got a copy of this kit and it’s quite a set.

With Hasbro releasing an updated version of Laser Optimus Prime in the Transformers Legacy line, it will make sense if someone takes a crack at the same Battle Tanker concept. And someone already has, and it’s not MakeToys. Instead, DNA Design is going to release an add on kit for Legacy Laser Optimus Prime for the same purpose. Only this time, there’s there’s already a trailer to work with so there’s less add-on parts needed, as seen below:

I think this concept would work well with Legacy Laser Optimus Prime since he already has missiles on his shoulder pylons so an artillery platform with more weapons fits this figure.

In vehicle mode, the add-on parts are stored within the oil tanker trailer so there’s not much change visible sans the missile tips at the back of the trailer.

In robot mode, Optimus Prime also gets some upgrades outside of the weapons platform. These include new pairs of hands/manipulators with articulated digits that can still fold inside the forearm during transformation. The kit also provides parts to cover the hollow areas of the lower legs.

Outside the “Battle Tanker” configuration, the weapon parts can be combined together into some sort of handheld launcher that’s also supported by attaching the rear of the trailer to the port at the back of Optimus.

In addition, the handles included for the “Battle Tanker” configuration double as mounting ports for use with the combined axe and sword and plug it at the back of Optimus when not in use.

But of course, you are buying this upgrade kit for the “Battle Tanker” configuration, and it does look quite similar to the original from MakeToys. They did miss an opportunity to include additional missile pods to the legs, especially when it has ports ready for attachment. There’s also no overhead scope but we do have more missiles on top so that’s a good compromise.

Lastly, you can also use the upgrade kit to improve the base mode into a more intimidating weapons emplacement package. The original Battle Tanker also had a similar gimmick which was documented in product photography but wasn’t mentioned as an official mode in the instructions.

I really like MakeToys’ Battle Tanker concept and I’m glad DNA Design decided to do the same with Legacy Laser Optimus Prime. And unlike the former, DNA Design’s kit should be less expensive given they’re not including an entire trailer to the package.

DK-37 Upgrade Kits for Legacy Laser OP
October 2022 / TBA


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