I Really Want This Kit! Gundam Factory Yokohama 1/144 RX-78F00 HMT Gundam High Mobility Type

Shifting into Gunpla news, we’re finally getting the kit of a design that’s long speculated ever since it appeared on a poster within Gundam Factory Yokohama, the RX-78F00 HMT Gundam High Mobility Type. It was seen within the Gundam Lab building as documented in this tweet earlier this year:

If you follow the lore of the RX-78F00 Gundam, then you can recall that it was built using parts from the RX-78 series found in an in-universe version of Gundam Factory Yokohama, which would be an Earth Federation facility operated in Japan. Soon after, engineers from various fields analyzed the data coming from these parts and decided to build this apparently different model of the Gundam.

Continuing on this storyline, the development lineage data of this RX-78 variant was found within the AI unit of the mobile suit, including high mobility data. The AI was doing iterations to recreate past technology to the point of restoring data for the prototype unit of the Gundam High Mobility Type.

Thus, we are getting the classic Gundam in prototype black and red colors, plus the additional High Mobility armor.

The solicitations mention that the armor parts are easy to attach and detach, which include auxiliary verniers for the legs, larger rear thruster pods, and another layer of front torso armor with more venting to compensate for the temperatures of the higher thruster output.

Consequently, this would be the first time Bandai Spirits is going to release a modern kit based on the Prototype Gundam. For the amount of G-3 Gundam kits they released, or how we got Premium Bandai releases of the RX-78-4 up to RX-78-6 but never the RX-78-1, at least based on the ‘Revive’ RX-78-2 mold.

And this thing looks quite good, it’s not as crazy with the multi-tone colors as the original RX-78F00 and has all the nuances of the Prototype Gundam design, including the different forearm and ankle armor designs.

Here’s everything that comes with this set. The parts do appear to be attached easily, especially the leg verniers, similar to the High Mobility parts for the HGAC Gundam Geminass 01. Technically, the kit isn’t a High Grade but for all intents and purposes, it has the engineering of a modern HG kit, just not the color separation.

In any case, I would definitely track this kit. Unfortunately, given how slow Japan opens to foreign tourists, I would likely resort to a Japan proxy service to get a copy, just like how I got my RX-78F00 Gundam.

1/144 RX-78F00 GMT Gundam High Mobility Type
July 2022 / ¥2,300

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