Build The Ultimate Combination! Ultimate Gravion

If you’re like me and you’re paying close attention to the MODEROID announcements from both Gravion and Gravion Zwei, then a good assumption is you’re also looking forward to building the final combination seen in the series. And with Good Smile Company already opening pre-orders for all three kits needed for the combination, they’ve also provided information on what you’ll be getting when you combine all three kits. So, let’s have a look at Ultimate Gravion and check out what it brings to the table.

To be honest, I only have a slight memory of how Ultimate Gravion looked to this is a good reminder as to how just borderline ridiculous this machine looks. It is as super robot as you can get with those massive shoulders, that super robot staple of a chest plate, and those legs made from parts on top of other parts.

Underneath all of this mishmash of parts is Gran Kaiser, and it’s great they planned ahead and provided a non-transforming upper torso as I don’t think the transforming kit is able to handle the weight of all these parts on it. Oh, and I definitely think this guy will be an absolute brick once combined.

Here’s a better view of Ultimate Gravion which better shows how all these parts would come together. They are noting a couple of points regarding this combination. First is how the chest emblem and back cannons are recreated using Gran Σ, the Sol Grandivas, and other combination-specific parts. On that note, I find it a little funny how Gran Σ appears to be sitting with its legs extended out behind Ultimate Gravion.

The second point then mentions that G Driller bits on the legs are using parts from the God Σ Gravion set, another reason not to skip on that third kit.

Speaking of parts coming with God Σ Gravion, a new weapon that didn’t appear in the series is the “Super Heavy Sword of Censure.” I just hope the hands will be stable enough to hold this massive sword. But then again, I’m not expecting this guy to do very dynamic poses by just looking at the sheer number of interconnected parts.

And as much as I sound cynical describing this combination, I am eagerly looking forward to building it myself. After all, it still looks great compared to other kits of final combined forms I’ve seen (looking at you HG 1/300 King Go-Saurer). So, if you want to get your Ultimate Gravion, then hop on to HobbyLink Japan and get all three kits!


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