I’m Totally Down With This Kit! SMP Alternative Destiny King Exkaiser

I have repeatedly mentioned on this blog my choice to go with Kotobukiya’s The Brave Fighter kits over Bandai’s Super Minipla and SMP [Shokugan Modeling Project] offerings. The main selling point of Bandai’s kits is having great articulation while still including the nuances of the all the transformation and combination. Unfortunately, I’m not a fan of transforming kits and I tend to get multiple copies just to rid myself of the need to disassemble these kits when combining, hence my choice to go with Kotobukiya’s kits. They also just look better.

There are exceptions to this personal rule though, chief being the recently announced RG GaoGaiGar. And not to be beaten, the folks over at Bandai Candy/Shokugan just announced the second kit in the SMP Alternative Destiny line, King Exkaiser but on steroids and none of the transformation and combination gimmicks.

To those needing a refresher, the SMP Alternative Destiny line takes vanilla mecha designs and put a different spin on them, hence the “Alternative Destiny” moniker and similar to what Bandai Hobby does with the Hi-Resolution Model line. As mentioned, this version of King Exkaiser basically ditches the transformation and combination stuff to allow such a redesign.

This kit has all the basic design points of King Exkaiser, but they were able to add so much sculpted detail and bulk to clearly distinguish it from how it looks from the anime, and damn this kit looks so good!

They also emphasize that similar to Gunbuster, King Exkaiser won’t include any stickers and all parts would come in their correct colors or be pre-painted. This includes the head unit and its signature lion’s head on the torso. I guess the same is also true with the gold parts and it looks like I won’t be putting any flat topcoat on them.

Because the kit is stripped of any transformation or combination, it has a wide range of articulation and allows you to replicate poses seen in the anime. This includes an opening panel on the right leg that also acts storage for the hilt of the Kaiser Sword.

Speaking of swords, the kit comes with two versions. First is the normal version you can use in a variety of poses. It also comes with a larger, more exaggerated version you can use to get that “Sunrise Pose” or basically the pose you’ll see any super robot with a sword do. Both swords can have their blades and hilts be separated though you can only store the shortest and unpainted one. Other accessories include several replacement hands/manipulators, and a couple of adapters for your preferred display base.

I am completely sold with this concept and would gladly get other Brave Series machines they’ll do in the same style. Fortunately, this set is available at regular retail though they are also selling an add-on set which allows you to build its upgraded form, Great Exkaiser. Unfortunately, that set is Premium Bandai exclusive, but let’s talk about that in the next post.

SMP Alternative Destiny King Exkaiser
September 2022 / ¥7,200


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