That Explains the “1st Generation” Part: The Robot Spirits Strike Gundam ver.A.N.I.M.E.

Bandai Spirits’ Hobby Division isn’t the only group making announcements yesterday. The Collector Division, or Tamashii Nations, also had their Gundam Figures Night event where they also made some announcements, though only a few got my interest, and only one would be interesting enough to make a post of — The Robot Spirits ⟨Side MS⟩ Strike Gundam ver.A.N.I.M.E..

When Tamashii Nations released the first figures with the ver.A.N.I.M.E. sub-brand, it came with the tag “of the 1st generation” and since then, figures of mobile suits from the Universal Century filled the lineup. I initially wondered what that blurb actually meant but I eventually stopped caring about it. It was only with the announcement of the Strike Gundam that it made more sense. Basically, anything that belongs to U.C. would be the “1st generation” while all alternate timelines, at least for the C.E. stuff, would be the “New generations.” It’s like how the HGUC kits get the gold tags while the HGFC, HGAC, HGAW, HGCC, and HGCE lines get silver tags on the boxes. Yeah, I’m that guy who looks deep into this stuff, anyway.

We now basically have two ways of getting ‘revised’ Robot Spirits figures. First is through the Metal Robot Spirits route like Strike Freedom Gundam, or second, through the ver.A.N.I.M.E. route like Strike Gundam over here. To those who need a refresher, these ver.A.N.I.M.E. figures focus on getting as close to the anime appearance as possible, which may or may not be realistic. Most of these figures also have a lot of effect parts, and this guy is no exception.

For the Strike Gundam, these would be effect parts for the rear thrusters and the head-mounted CIWS. Note that this is only for the basic vanilla Strike Gundam, and you’ll the reason later in this post.

The figure also has the same impressive range of articulation expected from a Robot Spirits figure. Though you will notice that there are no added extras to the articulation, like shifting knee armors or overly complicated torso assemblies. This is again in keeping with the anime-accurate look they’re going with.

As with the rest of the effect parts, they are included in a separate set bundled with the Aile Striker pack. I imagine the other Striker Packs would get separate releases along with their own set of effects parts as well.

Again, I’m not the most excited about this announcement, but it does provide more opportunities to get revised versions of older figures, though Tamashii Nations isn’t exactly the most consistent regarding this, case in point being the Evolution Spec. version of their Gundam F91. Unless they release something really interesting, like the Delta Astray, then I’ll probably just look at this line from a far.

The Robot Spirits ⟨Side MS⟩ Strike Gundam ver.A.N.I.M.E.
September 2022 / ¥4,500
Order via HobbyLink Japan

The Robot Spirits ⟨Side MS⟩ Aile Striker & Effect Parts Set ver.A.N.I.M.E.
September 2022 / ¥3,500
Order via HobbyLink Japan


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