Good Thing I Waited! Hobby Next Phase 2022 Spring: Figure-rise Standard Ultraman Suit Tiga -Action-

It’s day two of Hobby Next Phase 2022 Spring and the reveals weren’t as exciting as yesterday. So, I’ll just continue with the one remaining kit I intend to cover from yesterday, and I’m glad I waited for this — Figure-rise Standard ULTRAMAN SUIT TIGA -Action-.

If I remember correct, the first Figure-rise Standard ULTRAMAN SUIT TIGA kit was the last ‘non-action’ kit in the line. It makes me conclude, at least in my head, that the first kit was released simply because it was already way into production at the same time the ‘action’ kits started coming out, and they can’t simply pull back on it. This was further confirmed by how the Sky Type version was an ‘action’ kit as well. It only makes sense to return back to the original Tiga Suit and ‘correct’ themselves, if you will.

As for the kit itself, it does look like the vanilla Tiga Suit with the torso parts from the Sky Type.

Outside of being a more articulated kit, this version comes with the same set of weapons as the original, including the Zeperion Spears and the Zeperion Ray effect parts. And as with the other ‘action’ kits, you can place an LED unit on the torso if you prefer that over better torso articulation.

To cap this post, I just wanted to highlight the solicitations to the other ULTRAMAN Figure-rise Standard kits, with emphasis on the -Action- kits. Because to be honest, why would Bandai Spirits sell an inferior product if they know they could produce a version that gives us more options. Especially with season 2 of ULTRAMAN coming to Netflix within a month or so, I am definitely looking forward to more of these kits, and finally getting a copy.

Figure-rise Standard 1/12 ULTRAMAN SUIT TIGA -Action-
September 2022 / ¥3,000


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