It’s Not Iron Patriot: S.H.Figuarts Captain America (Tech-On Avengers)

After releasing Iron Man, Tamashii Nations has started solicitations on the next figure to come out from Tech-On Avengers, their collaboration with Marvel Comics — Captain America.

The design clearly speaks of Captain America, but at the same time, you can also fudge this as an Iron Patriot suit in your own head canon if you want to. Much like the other suits in this miniseries, this has been designed by Eiichi Shimizu who’s also doing the ULTRAMAN manga/anime. And no, I will not compare this to Sen-Ti-Nel’s Fighting Armor version since I’ve done that numerous times already, and you probably know where I’m now leaning towards.

This Iron-Captain America figure has all the bells and whistles of an S.H.Figuarts release, including that great metallic paint job, amazing articulation, and his signature shield. It also comes with effect parts like Repulsor Blasts and shield-throwing effects. Speaking of the shield, it’s not just a throwing piece this time as it’s actually integrated with the armor for its DH-10 mode.

To recall, each of these armors has a DH-10 or Do Hatsu-10 mode which is basically a powered-up mode based on the original power set of the hero using it. For Iron Man, it brings up a massive load out of extra fire power. For Captain America, it appears his shield would transform into another layer of armor that goes around his torso and forearms. If it’s non-Super Soldier Steve Rogers inside this thing, then he would definitely need all the extra protection he can get.

S.H.Figuarts Captain America (Tech-On Avengers)
May 2022 / ¥11,000
Order via HobbyLink Japan

On a related note, I did pick up the first half of Tech-On Avengers and it does have the beats of Super Sentai mixed with The Avengers. Each issue has a monster-of-the-week plot with a focus on Japan, of course, and even has a good callback to an old Super Sentai series that actually makes sense to the plot. I might or might not do a post on Tech-On Avengers but in the meantime, it’s an okay read.


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