Robots Becoming BFGs: RIOBOT R-Gun Powered

Sen-Ti-Nel has yet to ship RIOBOT R-1, the first unit in the SRX triad thanks to holiday shipping congestions. Yet they’ve already announced the next RIOBOT figure from Super Robot Wars OG and it will complement your existing SRX, once you have all needed robots by April 2022.

The R-Gun / R-Gun Powered is a unit that’s part of the SRX Project and has always been intended as heavy weapon used by the SRX. To be specific, it is a Heavy Metal Particle Cannon Hyper Tronium Buster Cannon or as its more fear-inducing name, the “Metal Genocider.”

From its overall design, you can see the similarity of the R-Gun to other SRX Project machines, which is very much captured by this RIOBOT figure. Standing at 155mm, it’s not exactly 1/144 scale, but it would look great when displayed with similarly scaled figures or kits. From the crisp details to the accurate colors, you can expect nothing short of an amazing release.

While the R-Gun itself is already considered a weapon, this machine also comes with melee Beam Katar Swords when not in Metal Genocider mode. They are also stored as rear binders when not in use.

Converting the R-Gun to R-Gun Powered is as simple as attaching the Hi-Twin Launcher units at the back. The same is true in Metal Genocider mode though the longer barrel meant that you’ll need to use the special display mount included with the set. This extends the Metal Genocider mode to an overall length of 400mm.

And being a weapon meant to be wielded by the SRX, the RIOBOT SRX would definitely look more intimidating when using the Metal Genocider. As you can see here, the manipulators of the SRX can hold the trigger of the Metal Genocider though given that it’s meant to be held by one hand, don’t expect the SRX to hold this BFG without using the included display stands.

RIOBOT R-Gun Powered is expected to be released in October 2022 but given the first SRX sets have already been delayed, don’t hold your breath that this guy will arrive around the same time.

RIOBOT R-Gun Powered
October 2022 / ¥18,000


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