#WhatIf Season One Finale: Sakaarian Iron Man Appears!

The following will contain spoilers for the season 1 finale of What If…?

Disney+ dropped the season finale of What If…? yesterday and it was a really good payoff for all the plot threads set up from all the previous episodes and led to The Watcher assembling the “Guardians of the Multiverse”, something that’s been leaked in marketing materials. That said, an oddball that wasn’t shown in any previous episode was a version of Gamora who The Watcher described as “Survivor of Sakaar and Destroyer of Thanos.”

Many have speculated this to come from the episode that was cut from season one, supposedly due to the pandemic. It would’ve featured Tony Stark from 2012’s The Avengers who fails to get back to New York after sending the nuke to kill the Chitauri invaders. He then drifts through space and eventually reaches Sakaar, instead of Bruce Banner as seen in Thor: Ragnarok. We would’ve also seen him retrofitting his Iron Man suit to what we would see in this finale. In fact, Lego has teased this set, being one of the two sets tied to the series, the other featuring Captain Carter and the Hydra Stomper.

Being the Iron Man junkie that I am, I took the opportunity to got some screenshots to get a better look at the Sakaarian Iron Man design. Much like anything from that trash planet, this version of Iron Man is a hodge-podge of parts and has a bulkier design. Now how it scales is up for debate as you can see from the Lego set that it’s supposed to be along the same size as the Hulkbuster Armor but if you look at the next set of images, it does appear to be standard-sized. But then again, Lego sets tend to be inconsistent as The Watcher is just a mini figure when in the show, he’s a much larger being.

From the rear, we could see two large circular parts which I would assume to be some kind of power source of thrusters and would definitely be useful to survive from the gladiator battles in Sakaar.

The rest are likely just multiple armor panels and weapons built on top of the Mark 7, including those forearm gauntlets and claws. The design is totally janky, but at the same time, still fits Tony Stark’s tastes. In any case, this is just me rambling on how I want a figure of the Sakaarian Iron Man. As I mentioned earlier, The season 1 finale is really good and was able to tie up the threads from the previous episodes while also leaving a bit to look forward in season two.

All season one episodes of What If…? are now available for streaming on Disney+.


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