Hunting the Earlier Releases: New Variable Action MINI “Mado King Granzort” Figures

MegaHouse has had the Mado King Granzort license for quite a while now. In fact, they’ve already released multiple figures in both standard Variable Action and the higher-end Variable Action Hi-SPEC lines. With Bandai Spirits shifting its sister series Mashin Hero Wataru into the smaller and SD-oriented NXEdge Style line, MegaHouse did the same with the Variable Action MINI line.. And it seems they’re going to continue with this trend thanks to more Granzort announcements.

The first Variable Action MINI releases were the base forms of the protagonist Mado Kings: Granzort, Aquabeat, and Winzart. So it’s of no surprise that they are also releasing their upgraded forms: Super Granzort, Super Aquabeat, and Super Windzart. Each of these figure would be around 11cm tall, which I think would display pretty well with the NXEdge Style figures.

As I mentioned, MegaHouse has also released these in their standard and higher-end lines, and you can see below how each differ, with the Variable Action Hi-SPEC version being much, much larger.

That said, figures from this line tend to have inconsistent quality control checks. My first Variable Action figure was Jizuri Suzaku from Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere and it was basically broken out of the box. Then I purchased the higher-end Variable Action Hi-SPEC RahXephon, which wasn’t broken but had loose joints all over. But these didn’t stop me and I got a good copy of the Variable Action Sleipnir from ALDNOAH.ZERO. So I’m hoping the smaller scale of these Granzort figures should provide less chances of QC mishaps.

No release dates or prices have been revealed but if you want to see more of these guys, you can check out the video below.


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