Waifu Dendrobium! ACT MODE Maple [Machine God Ver.]

Mecha musume merch have really come a long way since their early days. From purely pre-assembled figures to model kits and now, a fusion of both. Bandai Spirits and Tamashii Nations did a one-time model kit-figure collaboration with their S.H.Figuarts Tamashii Girl Aoi and HG Soryumaru. But it’s really Good Smile Company who’s really pushing this concept with their ACT MODE line. And they’re taking things a step further with Maple in her Machine God equipment as the largest ACT MODE release yet.

To those unfamiliar, Maple comes from Bofuri: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense, an isekai anime where our main protagonist puts all stats she gains in building her defensive skills. And in the process, was able to manifest this Dendrobium-level of artillery which basically obliterates her enemies to kingdom come, as seen from the clip I posted above.

As mentioned, the set comes with a pre-assembled figure of Maple which is basically a Figma figure. It also comes with multiple expressions and accessories, including her much toned down Hydra equipment. But everybody knows we’re not getting this set because of Maple alone.

The massive Machine God equipment is all sorts of large thanks to the measurements they’ve shown here. Maple herself stands at 160mm, which is a good size for a typical 1/12 scale figure. Then there’s the Machine God equipment which brings her total height to around 220mm, not to mention having a wing span of 230mm, a large cannon 240mm long (and complements her twin shoulder cannons), and her right arm-mounted blade extending to 190mm. That’s a lot of millimeters if you ask me.

The absurdity of this thing doesn’t stop there as there are several opening hatches both on the shoulder, waist, and knee areas to reveal even more game-ending beam spamming ports! It would’ve been great if the set came with multiple effect parts, but this set is already expensive enough as it is. You can also see the included stands that help in displaying this behemoth, though based on other product shots, you can also display this set without them. The Machine God equipment also has some modularity which allow you to display only a specific weapon if you want. This further increases the display options you have with this set.

Good Smile Company also released a quick video showing a good 360-degree spin of this figure-model kit combo for better appreciation of just how bonkers this is.

And yes, I’m very much convinced of how awesome this is and placed my preorder. If you want yours, then head on to HobbyLink Japan via the link below to secure a copy.

ACT MODE Maple [Machine God Ver.]
February 2022 / ¥14,900
Order from HobbyLink Japan


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