Stuff I Missed: Super7 ULTIMATES! Metalhead

Not sure if I’m remembering things correctly, but I think around this time, collectors were going crazy with how hard it was to get NECA’s Metalhead. The figure was based on the original cartoon design with some modern tweaks. And while I’m not really a collector of 1/10 or 7-inch figures, I got this one since it’s supposedly a larger robot and should display well with my other 1/12 or 6-inch figures. And just when I thought it would be a one-off purchase…

Super7 apparently announced sometime in late 2020 that they’re also doing Metalhead as part of their ULTIMATES! line. Unlike NECA’s version, Super7 will be doing a toy-accurate rendition, inspired by the original release back in 1989 by Playmates. This includes the iconic gold front body plate which Super7 opted to do in painted gold instead of the chrome of the original. The figure also includes a bunch of accessories, most of which I won’t attempt to name outside replacement hands.

I also found this good comparison shot between Super7 and NECA’s versions and both do have the same nuances from Metalhead’s design. So it does make perfect sense if you want to get both versions, which is something I’m slowly inclining to do. But we’ll see as pre-orders for this figure are long sold out. If I can spot a copy at a local hobby store maybe I’ll snag one. Let’s see.

ULTIMATES! Metalhead
August 2021 / $44.99


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