(Not so) Plastic Crack: SYSTEM-∀99 Turn “A” Gundam – Color Study

Now that I’ve completed building the HGCC Turn “A” Gundam and am familiar with its nuances, I decided to move forward by doing a quick color study for the SYSTEM-∀99 Turn “A” Gundam. To those unfamiliar, this is the version that destroyed Earth’s civilization at the end of the Dark History and was finally seen in the Mobile Suit Gundam -Light of Life- Chronicle U.C. special, which I previously covered in this post.

Notable color swaps:

  • Head, Turn “A” crest: Green to Red
  • Head, optics: Orange to Red
  • Head, red stripe: Red to Light Gray
  • Torso, collar: Yellow – White
  • Torso, chest armor: Yellow – White
  • Torso, cross pattern: Red (New)
  • Torso, lower section: Red to Dark Blue
  • Torso, lower chest section, rear: Blue to Gray
  • Arms, forearms: Red strip (New)
  • Cockpit canopy: Clear Yellow to Silver
  • Front waist armor, front: Yellow to Silver
  • Knee armor accent: Red to Dark Blue
  • Feet: Red to Dark Blue

As seen in the special, this version of the Turn “A” Gundam is mostly white with some red and dark blue accents. With the base kit already molded mostly in white, it will be a quick paint swap for the other colors. Now I’m planning to build this kit anytime soon, as I technically just build two Turn “A” Gundam kits, but at least I have a reference whenever I decide to move forward with this build.


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