Sen-Ti-Nel’s Fighting Armor, But Better? S.H.Figuarts “Tech-On Avengers” Revealed #figu_at_home

Yesterday, Tamashii Nations held figu@HOME, its Tamashii Features 2021 S.H.Figuarts Division Online event where they revealed new and upcoming figures from the brand. Included with these reveals are the new figures tied in to the recently announced Tech-On Avengers miniseries, which you can read here. Basically, the Avengers are stripped of their powers and it’s up to Tony Stark to develop technology and give them a fighting chance. Sounds familiar right?

That’s because this exact premise is also the idea behind Sen-Ti-Nel’s Fighting Armor line. It’s actually a good concept and allows you to create Iron Man-esque armors for each Avenger. And while I did like Sen-Ti-Nel’s offerings, my only nitpick is how the figures are mostly retools and recolors of the Iron Man design. In-universe it is the practical approach but as far as action figures go, they would look lazy attempts at redesigns.

For Tech-On Avengers, besides getting a 6-issue miniseries tie-in comic, Bandai Spirits also got Eiichi Shimizu (ULTRAMAN, Linebarrels of Iron) to do the mechanical designs. This allows the designs to have a certain style and at the same time, have better variations when compared to each other and not look as lazy redesigns.

As a collaboration between Marvel & Bandai Spirits, we now have a first look of the first figure from the Tech-On Avengers, which is obviously Iron Man. If you’re familiar with Eiichi Shimizu’s works then you should be acquainted to this style and immediately know if you like the design or not. It’s basically the classic red and gold armor design with hard angle panels and other nuances.

According to Tamashii Nations, the figure is made from both plastic and die cast materials for stability. They also note how dynamic poses are very much possible by applying the know-how they got from other lines such as METAL BUILD.

A key highlight of the design, and this figure, is the DH-10 Mode. DH-10 stands for “Do Hatsu-10” and from the look of this comic book panel, it appears to be formed by some nanotechnology which is common to modern Iron Man suits. It then materializes as alarge backpack unit that allows massive release of energy, probably for speed and firepower.

I can definitely foresee a play pattern involving mixing and matching components between figures. And in typical Iron Man figure fashion, you get a bunch of effect parts, both for the Repulsor attacks and those used in DH-10 Mode.

DIdn’t want to post this pic with Iron Man cut so I just covered him in red silhouette like Wolverine.

Apart from Iron Man, they also teased two other characters getting the next set of figures. First is Captain America and they actually showed a figure prototype of his armor. I expect this to be a retool of Iron Man as well but at least, his doesn’t look as a slight retool or recolor like Sen-Ti-Nel’s. Following him is Wolverine though what we got is only a silhouette.

Other characters to appear in Tech-On Avengers include the ones above. You can also get a glimpse of the armors used by Spider-Man, Black Panther, Captain Marvel and Wolverine. It’s a good thing I decided to pass up on the other Fighting Armor figures if we’ll get better designs like these. No release information has been revealed but I’ll definitely keep tabs on when these will be available.

S.H.Figuarts Iron Man (Tech-On Avengers)


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