Marvel Comics & Bandai Spirits Collaboration: “Tech-On Avengers”

Around late last year, Marvel announced Avengers Mech-Strike, where the Earth’s mightiest heroes will see themselves battling larger-than-life threats (literally) using mech suits. The concept came across to me as something geared towards younger comic book readers, though I’ve yet to check out any issues as it already started last February. This time, Marvel announced another Avengers title that seems similar while being different at the same time. What’s more, they are collaborating with Bandai Spirits!

Starting serialization on August 11 is Tech-On Avengers, a tokusatsu-inspired comic series written by Jim Zub (Uncanny Avengers, Champions), illustrated by Jeff “Chamba” Cruz (Venom: The End, Street Fighter), and with character designs from Eiichi Shimizu (ULTRAMAN, Linebarrels of Iron). Eiichi Shimizu has been doing a lot of stuff recently and if going by his ULTRAMAN designs, I bet his designs for The Avengers would be absolutely stunning.

When the Red Skull wields a strange new power that strips heroes of their powers and threatens the entire world, the Avengers turn to Tony Stark’s experimental new technology to save us all. Here come the Iron Avengers — TECH ON AVENGERS! Sleek high-tech power suits bristling with energy and amped-up attack power face off against Super Villains enhanced to match. It’s mechs and mayhem in the Marvel Mighty Manner!

As I mentioned earlier, the concept is pretty much similar to Avengers Mech Strike but with more Japanese influence. And given Bandai Spirits / Tamashii Nations is involved, we are of course getting a bunch of S.H.Figuarts figures based on these new designs. You can guarantee that I’m totally looking forward to this as more details get revealed this June.


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