Figuring out the Transformation: Mini Action God Sigma

Fresh from its official reveal during Wonder Festival 2021 Winter Web (that’s a mouthful of Ws), Action Toys via its newly created official Twitter account (@ActionToys_HK) has released new images of Mini Action God Sigma and its individual components Kuuraioh, Kaimeioh, Rikushin’oh, and Big-Wing.

God Sigma transforms and combines in almost the same manner as a another similarly named super robot, God Mars. Except that God Sigma only has four components compared to God Mars’ six. Here’s a clip of the transformation sequence.

The first two episodes of God Sigma are also available with English subtitles on the Toei Tokusatsu World Official YouTube channel.

I think God Sigma would be the largest combined robot in the Mini Action series, though they are capable of doing small yet fully transformable robots with Atlas from their Daltanious set. I’m also inclined to think this would be a good piece to be displayed with my MODEROID God Mars given their similarities in transformation (and name) but we’ll see.

Mini Action God Sigma
August 2021 / ¥3,500


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