Double (or Triple) Detail Up? The Robot Spirits Dunbine ✕ Billbine (and Sirbine)

Like an unwritten annual tradition, I usually spend the last remaining days of the year detailing figures instead of building model kits. And when I say detail up, I mostly pertain to inking panel lines, applying decals (if needed) and sealing with a layer of flat top coat. I did the same with my Revoltech Yamaguchi Gurren Lagann ones back in April and am looking at a different group this time around.

For this round, I decided to touch up my Aura Battler Dunbine figures, all of which are under The Robot Spirits line. Seen here are Dunbine and Billbine, the latter in the Night Camouflage colors. I didn’t bother getting the original red and white release as I found that a little too different from Dunbine’s mostly colder color scheme. I want to note the amazing detail these figures have and I didn’t even need to ink the panel lines. The only challenge I had was masking the canopies prior to the top coat. These pieces are curved and irregularly shaped, and attached via hinges to the main torso as these open to reveal the actual cockpit.

While not shown above, I also did the same for Sirbine, the hero machine from the OVA sequel New Story of Aura Battler Dunbine. It has a much more ornamented aesthetic and was also more difficult to disassemble. Actually, I wasn’t able to disassemble the torso, hips, and legs — I had to top coat all of them at the same time. I probably won’t purchase any more Dunbine figures unless they also release Nanajin, the hero machine from the much maligned production The Wings of Rean, an alternate story to Dunbine.


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