YouTube Originals Anime “OBSOLETE” Returns with 6 New Episodes

If you have a YouTube Premium subscription, all 6 new episodes will be available immediately. Otherwise, 1 episode will be dropping every week for free.

After dropping the first six episodes in December 2019, the Gen Urobochi-penned CG anime OBSOLETE returns a year after to complete its 12-episode run. The YouTube Originals anime tells the story of how the world has changed with the rise of these of consciousness-controlled humanoid machines called EXOFRAMES. These EXOFRAMES were given to humans by aliens commonly referred to as “Peddlers” as part of a trade agreement in exchange for 1,000 kg of limestone. You can read more info on the background of these machines in this post I wrote last year.

Without going into spoiler territory, the first six episodes tell different and unrelated stories of individuals who’ve used or encountered these EXOFRAMES in some capacity. The latter half of the story will see this individuals coming together to work on what I assume is a common goal. Good Smile Company has also solicited new MODEROID kits to tie in with the new episodes.


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