Kotobukiya Plastic Model Hobby Show 2020 Online: The Brave Fighter

Just a couple of weeks after Bandai Spirits’ Gunpla Expo Tokyo 2020 feat. G-Conference, it was Kotobukiya’s turn with the Kotobukiya Plastic Model Hobby Show 2020 Online where they get to feature new and upcoming plastic model kits. I still have quite the number of Kotobukiya kits in my backlog and some of the stuff shown here are sure to be welcomed additions.

Goldran: Dran & Great Parts

Following the to-be-released Sky Goldran kit, next in Kotobukiya’s Brave of Gold Goldran lineup is Dran & Great Parts. From that name alone, you can clearly see what they’ll be doing for the Great Goldran combination. But let’s first take a look at Dran, the core robot that forms Goldran along with Golgon.

Going back to the S, M, and L size classes they previously established, Dran would likely be an “S” class kit as it is the core component of Goldran. It also looks to be quite poseable though my question is with the parts separation and color accuracy. Dran looks a little ornamented, but still has solid lines as designs do I don’t think it would be difficult to replicate them with color accurate plastic. But we’ll have to see when colored solicitations have been released. It also comes with its single weapon, the Ryuugaken or the Dragon Fang Sword.

Coming along with Dran are parts to to combine with the Sky Goldran kit and form Great Goldran. In the show, this combination is formed when Sky Goldran combines with Leon Kaiser. We have yet to get a Leon Kaiser kit though it probably won’t have any transformation or combination gimmicks like what they do in the Super Minipla line. So bundled with Dran are the parts that would complete this combination. Now you know me, I’m not really a fan of disassembling kits for transformation or combination, and it appears that there might be some disassembly required for Sky Goldran to combine with these parts. If that would be the case, then I’ll likely have to get another Sky Goldran kit just for the Great Goldran combination. Otherwise, I could get away with just getting this kit so we’ll have to see.

Dran & Great Parts

J-Decker: Duke Fire & Fire Parts

Similarly for The Brave Police J-Decker, they revealed the Duke & Fire Parts set. This includes parts to build BP-119 Duke and Fire J-Decker, the ultimate form of our titular robot. the J-Decker kit just got released, I got my payment request like a couple of days ago, and it looks like I might need another one for the Fire J-Decker combination.

BP-119 Duke, or simply Duke, is more or less the same with BP-110 Deckard and is the core robot that combines with Fire Roader to form Duke Fire, the secondary robot in the series. We are likely to get a stand-along Duke Fire kit so look forward to that. For now, Duke looks great and scales well the similarly S-class sized Deckerd. For accessories, it comes with new replacement salute hand parts that for those salutes J-Decker typically does in the series. It’s signature broadsword is also included as well.

This is how the Fire J-Decker combination would look and much like Great Goldran, I assume that some disassembly is required to combine the J-Decker kit with the parts included in this set. But, thanks to the kit being released as of this post, I was able to check out its manual over at Hobby Search and it does appear that the disassembly isn’t as destructive as I initially thought. The whole front section of the chest is easily removable, as well as the leg panels and the fore arm ports. I also think that a new head unit is included. I’m just not sure on how they’ll do the crotch and front (skirt) armors. I think they’re purposely not showing the additional parts for people like me, contemplating on whether to get an additional J-Decker kit.

Duke & Fire Parts


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