Should I Get Doubles? MODEROID Gaiking The Great – Combination Preview

I immediately wanted to pre-order the trio of MODEROID kits from Gaiking: Legend of Daiku-Maryu ever since Good Smile Company announced them. However, what I didn’t like is their decision to release all three kits (e.g. Gaiking, Raiking, Balking) simultaneously. It also doesn’t help that these three transform and combine, and you guys probably know how I deal with transforming and combining kits. So I wanted to see how involved the transformation and combination would be before making the decision on getting 1 or 2 copies of each. Fortunately, Good Smile Company pretty much released a clip of the exact thing I wanted, albeit using the very loose prototype they currently have.

The transformation is actually made of two parts. First, each machine purges the part that would later combine into Gaiking The Great, with each part having an intermediate transformation, if you will, to look like some sort of vehicle. This part of the transformation isn’t really that involved, it’s mostly parts separating with a couple of sliding bits here and there. The second part, or the actual combination, doesn’t involve HG Zeta Gundam-esque levels of parts formation. That said, it does have parts maneuvering that I’m more comfortable being fixed, especially on the leg assembly. And so, I’m likely inclined to go doubles on these three.

Fortunately, Good Smile Company is offering a MODEROID Gaiking The Great set which has all three kits in one box. Contents-wise, they are exactly the same as the stand-alone releases, except with the combined packaging. So instead of getting doubles, I’ll probably get the combined set, then the three kits individually. Or at least, that’s the idea.

MODEROID Gaiking The Great
February 2021 / ¥12,500

February 2021 / ¥4,200

February 2021 / ¥4,200

February 2021 / ¥4,200


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