That Looks… Something? F90 A to Z Project: MG Gundam F90 U-Type

I haven’t been closely following the Master Grade F90 A to Z Project as I’m not really buying any of these kits. That said, they are making 26 mission packs and at some point, something… very unique is bound to come out from this project. And I think this is that particular one.

Bandai Spirits released a video showing the kits and mission packs released so far. (By the way, to anyone who knows the royalty free background music they used, please let me know.) At the last part, they showed the next two mission packs, the O-Type and U-Type mission packs. The O-Type, for Officer, looks alright. But then we get the U-Type, for Uplift…

That Looks... Something? F90 A to Z Project: MG Gundam F90 U-Type

I don’t know who designed and approved this thing, but this is essentially a Gundam with a huge rocket booster for its upper half! All but the legs are completely covered by this big tube of a rocket and it really looks dumb. They could’ve taken the route of the S-Gundam Booster Unit Type and forego the legs with massive thrusters but nope, they went this route.

That Looks... Something? F90 A to Z Project: MG Gundam F90 U-Type

Here are some more ‘glamour’ shots of the Gundam F90 U-Type and yeah, this thing looks totally ridiculous. Fortunately for me, I’m not getting these kits. But for those who do, your display options include a display stand to support the rear side of the mobile suit. It’s really hard to take this design seriously but for those who like it, you can pre-order at your usual middleman services.

MG Gundam F90 Mission Packs O-Type & U-Type
September 2020 / ¥2,000


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