Box Art Extravaganza Dreiundzwanzig

It’s been a while since the last time I did these box art extravaganzas, but I think this month’s releases are worth highlighting. So let’s dive right in.

Box Art Extravaganza Dreiundzwanzig

I can say with good confidence that I know what I’m getting myself into once I get two copies of the HGUC Penelope. That said, let’s step back and take a good appreciation of the box art — which is basically stuff we’ve already seen in previous marketing materials. We are also getting confirmation for the final logo of Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway’s Flash. It’s a little simple and is a total departure from the style used in Gundam UC and Gundam NT, which is understandable since this is an unrelated story to those two.

HGUC 1/144 Penelope
October 2019 / ¥6,800

Box Art Extravaganza Dreiundzwanzig

Next is something that I am not getting but curious enough to include here. If anything, the God Gundam is one mobile suit, or mobile fighter as incorrectly referenced on the box, that would really utilize a pre-assembled and pre-painted inner frame. I also like how the lower torso section is sculpted to look like humanoid muscles. Oh, and it also include PET parts for the energy ring effect.

Hi-Resolution Model 1/100 God Gundam
October 2019 / ¥13,000

Box Art Extravaganza Dreiundzwanzig

Lastly, here’s the box for HG Mazinkaiser, the second kit to get the "Infinitism" treatment-slash-redesign following Grandizer and the fourth Mazinger-based High Grade kit. Much like the previous kits, this one features the redesign by Hiroyuki Yanase of Mazinger Z —Infinity—. I have yet to build any of these kits though the designs look very interesting. I just don’t know how they look with a matte finish as I typically go for when I build kits. But yeah, I am also getting this guy.

HG 1/144 Mazinkaiser
October 2019 / ¥5,200


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