Ocular Max U-01 Stellarus Prominon (Star Convoy)

TFCon, the largest fan-organized Transformers convention, had recently held its Los Angeles event and many upcoming releases were announced during the 3rd Party Preview Panel.

Ocular Max U-01 Stellarus Prominon (Star Convoy)

One of groups present in the panel was Ocular Max, kind of a sister group of Mastermind Creations, and they announced a new line and its first offering. This is U-01 Stellarus Prominon, their take on Star Convoy from Transformers: Return of Convoy, part of the Japanese-exclusive Generation 1 continuity. This will be the first release from the new Unlimited line though I have no idea what the line’s supposed to be. I do hope that it would be in the same scale as Mastermind Creations’ Reformatted figures or somewhere within the Voyager Class size.


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