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BLOG: Super Minipla "Shin (Change!!) Getter Robo" Vol. 2

Super Minipla "Shin (Change!!) Getter Robo" Vol. 2 With the first Super Minipla Shin (Change!!) Getter Robo set being released this month, Bandai Candy has announced the contents for the Vol. 2, which includes the titular Shin Getter 1.

Also included in the 3 pcs. package are Black Getter and Getter Dragon, all of which are in scale with the releases in the preceding sets. Not really sure how the articulation or color accuracy would be with these figures — which would be known once Vol. 1 comes out this month.

Another point of interest is whether these would be a good replacement for the Revoltech Getter Robos which are technically the most complete as far as variety goes.

  • Super Minipla Shin (Change!!) Getter Robo
    Vol. 2

    Release Information: Jan. 2019 · ¥6,450
    Images via Bandai Candy

BLOG: Super Minipla "Shin (Change!!) Getter Robo" Vol. 1

Super Minipla "Shin (Change!!) Getter Robo" Vol. 1 Bandai Candy has updated their staff blog to give insights on the decision to release the original Getter Robo machines in Shin (Change!!) Getter Robo as part of the Super Minipla line.

The decision came after releasing the Panzer World Galient set that forego the combination gimmick and found that people actually wanted to collect the individual machines instead. This led to choosing Shin (Change!!) Getter Robo as pilot in releasing multiple kits. Each set will come with all Getter machines, with Getter Robo standing at 100 mm, and sets the standards for future releases. This includes the much larger Shin Getter Robo.

  • Super Minipla Shin (Change!!) Getter Robo
    Vol. 1

    Release Information: Sept. 2018 · ¥5,100
    Reservation via Premium Bandai

BLOG: threezero – GETTER ROBOT Getter 1

threezero - GETTER ROBOT Getter 1 threezero isn’t done just yet with their Dynamic Planning license. Following up their Mazinger Z and Aphrodite A releases is… Great Mazinger Getter 1 from the classic Getter Robot franchise.

Getter 1 will stand at approx. 16-inches tall with over 40 points of articulation. It will also feature LED lights, extreme mechanical details with weathering and battle damage. Much like every other Getter 1 release, there will be threezero store exclusive Black Edition. It’s essentially the same figure except in black and will come with additional stuff like a detachable face plate, scarf (because robots need scarfs too), and exchangeable Long & Short arm blades.

  • GETTER ROBOT Getter 1
    Release Information: $330
    Reservation Start: Sept. 11, 2015
    9:00AM (UTC+8)
    Article via threezero on Facebook

BLOG: Getter Robo 40th Anniversary Project – Dino Getter

Getter Robo 40th Anniversary Project - Dino Getter 2014 marks the 40th Anniversary of Go Nagai’s Getter Robo franchise and to celebrate this, a new project has been revealed.

The project is entitled Dino Getter though other than that, not much is known as to what format will the upcoming fiction be. Though the recently-concluded Wonder Festival 2013 Summer has revealed that Sen-Ti-Nel is going to release figures of the titular machines under the RIOBOT line.

Design-wise, they look quite the same to the previous Getter Robos though this set has more savage and beast-like aesthetics going on.